LFFL – Week 10 Recap: How low can you go, fantasy scoring edition


Greetings from Santa Clara, CA (again), home of Super Bowl 50!  A quick update this week as I am sitting through endless conference sessions.  I thought about heading down to Levi’s Stadium for some karma, but the way the 49ers play, I thought better of it.  Very low scoring week for the league, several teams under 100.  We hit the home stretch, meaning back to division play for the final 3 weeks.  One standings update:  the first division winner is in as The Deflator has claimed the Blue Division title, up 4 games with 3 to play.

Key Matchups: Week 11
H.Y.C. v. THE BULLDOGS: Division is still up for grabs!
The Best There Never Was v. The Monsoon: Division is still up for grabs!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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