LFN Chase–Final Round: We have a new champion…shine up that hubcap


It was a pretty shaky start to the season for Kurt Busch, what with having that assassin girlfriend and all.  He got dropped to waivers in our league.  Buschlouseski Racing scooped him up, and the rest was history, as BR capped off their own miracle season (like Kyle Busch did tonight) and claim their first LFN title.

  • Buschlouseski Racing def. TRiM, 325.75-305.50
  • Newmanium def. Yooper Drive, 304.75-244.00

Thanks again to everyone for another great season; a few months off, then back to racing in February!  I’m looking to make some major format changes to the league for next year, so stay tuned.  Here are the final standings, with winnings, including skins:

  1. Buschlouseski Racing, $165
  2. TRiM, $95
  3. Newmanium, $5
  4. Yooper Drive, $45
  5. T-Bone, $10
  6. Fender Benders, $20
  7. Buzz, $30
  8. Shake and Bake, $0
  9. Up In Dillon, $10
  10. Barqs Motorsports, $0

Full results/standings are here.


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