LFFL – Week 11 Recap: Dust Devils take Bullet Train as playoff push intensifies


Two weeks to go and as always, there are too many playoff scenarios to figure out, although based on what I have seen, teams currently sitting at 4-7 will have a difficult time as there are 6 teams with 6 wins or more with two weeks to play.  Rebounding off of last weeks Crappie, the Dust Devils take the this week’s Bullet Train, keeping their playoff hopes alive at 5-6.   Other notes:

  • Roasted:  Clinching the Red Division and a first round bye is The Monsoon, easily dispatching of TBTNW.  Key Observation: TBTNW still looking OK for playoffs, sitting at 6-5 (don’t lose any more…).
  • Deep Fried:  Holding on to a share of the White division lead is H.Y.C., winning a close one over the BULLDOGS.  Key Observation: Which Thurs kicker will the BULLDOGS go with this week?
  • Grilled: The Chiefs D saves the day for Gid’s Kids, who remains tied with H.Y.C. for the White Division lead.  Key Observation:  CNewton is impressive for MBB, but one man alone cannot carry a team.
  • Crappie Report: TRomo to the rescue?  Eh, not so much.  C’MON MAN take this week’s Crappie, moving to 4-7.  Key Observation:  Despite -4 from PHI D, KFC sitting OK at 6-5 (don’t lose anymore…).

Key Matchups: Week 12
H.Y.C. v. Gid’s Kids: Could decide this division
THE BULLDOGS v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Could decide #1 Toilet Bowl seed

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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