LFFL – Week 12 Recap: Playoff scenarios abound

Greetings from Switzerland.  An extremely short update this week as I have been up for 30 hours straight and am not sure what time or day it is. Let’s go with playoff scenarios as I see them:

  • In: Monsoon, Deflator, HYC, Best There Never Was, Klaver FC
  • Out: C’MON MAN, MaD Bastards Bastards
  • Gid’s Kids in with a win
  • All the 5-7 teams:  Need a loss by Gid’s Kids and to outscore the Kids overall (and all other 5-7 teams).  Could be a shootout for that last spot if the Kid’s lose
  • HYC: Probably clinched division unless Kid’s win, HYC loses, and Kids outscore HYC by a lot
  • Monsoon has a bye; Deflator has a bye unless HYC wins, Deflator loses, and HYC outscores Deflator by ~130 pts
  • If Deflator wins and Monsoon loses, Deflator #1 seed, Monsoon #2, otherwise vice-versa

That’s all I can see for right now; let’s hope injuries don’t decide this playoff field.  Will update the spreadsheet once I get some ZZZ’s…good luck to everyone this week!



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