LFFL–Week 13 Recap: Playoff field is set as Gid’s Kids claims last spot

rs_634x1024-140121152427-634.-Russell-Wilson-hot-nfl-012114The regular season ends with one spot left to claim for the playoffs, and it goes to Gid’s Kids, as all they needed was a win, and they got it behind 36.6 pts from one R. Wilson.  So, I believe the streak remains that no team with a losing record has made our playoffs.  Other notes:

  • Red:  Already with #1 seed and division title, the Monsoon pile on,  collecting the last Bullet Train of the year.  Key Observation: Where did A. Robinson come from all of sudden?
  • White:  Backing into the playoffs on a loss is H.Y.C., who claim the White Division title.  Key Observation: Facing C. Newton never helps; thankfully he is out of the playoffs.
  • Blue: Despite losing  3 straight, the  Deflator takes the Mike Martz trophy for most points in the season.  Key Observation:  O Gronk, where art thou?
  • Crappie Report: Never feels good to get the last Crappie, especially when heading into the playoffs, but TBTNW takes this year’s honor.  Key Observation:  The Crappie Master for fewest points in the season goes to KFC…who makes the playoffs?  WTH?

We will have a new belt holder this year as ol’ 3 time is out of the playoffs. According to the current spreadsheet, this year’s winner will clear at least $800.  Good Luck to all!

Playoffs: Round 1
#6 Gid’s Kids v. #3 H.Y.C.: Expensive rubber match
#5 The Best There Never Was v. #4 Klaver Football Club: Crappie battle royale

Toilet Bowl: Round 1
#12 C’MON MAN v. #9 Mad Bastards Bastards
#11 Hilty Three Times

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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