LFB – Week 1 Recap:A fairy tale ‘Story’ for Rusty Trumbo to start the season


We are off and running for the 2016 LFB season, and as usual most of the first week matchups were close, lots of 4’s and 5’s out there.  Biggest week 1 stud?  Let me tell you a story about a guy named Story.  7HR’s, 12 RBI’s…for a rookie to start his career.  He’s on pace for 162 HR’s.  Other highlights:

  • Close shave #1:  Flash Gordon dominates OF categories, and CCI dominates P categories; what your left with is a 5-5-0 tie.  Oh fun.
  • Close shave #2:  Perhaps the creepiest logo we’ve ever had goes to Dozier Huge Jugs!, who can’t overcome 13 HR’s from newcomer Backyard Bullies and fall 6-4-0.
  • Close shave #3:  Perhaps the most uplifting name we’ve ever had goes to %Free Steve, who can’t keep up with the Pirate Monkeys young, fresh arms, and the defending champ goes down 6-4-0.


None (extended matchup)


%Free Steve v. Rusty Trumbo

How many HR’s will Story have this week?

The league can be found here.


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