LFFL [2016] – Week 2 Recap: Three teams sit atop the standings at 2-0


It’s been a long, long summer, and after many months of being in the basement, we are back in business on TheLouse.com.  We have a new team, new team names, and new official complaints!  Apologies for no update last week, and props to all the winners, but that is in the past, let’s focus on Week 2.  After winning in WK1, I found myself excited heading into WK2, then after being down 51.5-0 on Thurs, and at one point down 128-0 on Sunday, I curled up into a ball and shook violently for a few hours.  Congrats to this week’s Bullet Train winner H.Y.C. for taking me out to the shed. They retake the LFFL skin lead with their 17th career Bullet Train.  Other notes:

  • 2-0, Part 1:  No benching of Kelvin Benjamin this week, new team name TRiM Ballers stay undefeated; remember that year they started 5-0? I don’t either.  Key Observation: RWilson better start Russelin’.
  • 2-0, Part 2:  New year, same story with the BULLDOGS, easily staying undefeated behind dual threat DHopkins and LFitz .  Key Observation:  SDiggs on the bench with 28.7; too many weapons for the former champ.
  • 2-0, Part 3: Newly christened A Team Has No Name moves to 2-0 with a walk in the park win over now 0-2 KFC.  Key Observation:  You are on notice, KCousins.
  • Crappie Luck: A rough start to the season for the defending champ, as they collect the first TWO Crappies of the year.  Key Observation:  The chances of making the LFFL playoffs when starting off 0-2?  I have no idea.

Key Matchups: Week 3
Everyday I’m Russelin’ v. Hilty Three Times [-20.1]: No one wants to start 0-3
Gid’s Kids v. The Monsoon [-15.8]: Ditto, especially for the defending champ.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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