LFFL [2016] – Week 3 Recap: Three teams sit atop the standings, now at 3-0


It took a few weeks for the defending champ to get on track, perhaps he was too focused in on that PGA Tour finish.  Mr. Monday Night bounces back from two Crappies to steamroll past The Monsoon and collect this week’s Bullet Train.  Holding off a 40 pt performance from the KC DEF, the champ counters with steady production and rides Matty Ice on Mon to improve to 1-2.  Other notes:

  • 3-0, Part 1:  I already hate Thurs night, and now REALLY hate Monday, especially that garbage run by DFreeman at the end of the game.  ATHNN stays undefeated by 0.3 pts.  Key Observation: MMariota, you are on notice.
  • 3-0, Part 2:  It’s not easy to get zero pts from two players, and still win by 20.  Congrats to TRiM Ballers for achieving this and staying undefeated.  Key Observation:  We have a CFleener sighting.
  • 3-0, Part 3: A great week for team D as the MIN DEF goes off for 31, propelling THE BULLDOGS to 3-0.  Key Observation:  You can never have too many WR, Football Barqs, unless the 3 you start only get you 19.3 pts.
  • Crappie Report: How can you go from the Bullet Train to the Crappie in one week?  Ask H.Y.C., who limp to an all-time franchise low 56.4 pts.  Key Observation:  KFC has 3 players listed as ‘O’ and one on ‘IR’, and still pull off victory; impressive!

Key Matchups: Week 4
Hilty Three Times  v. THE BULLDOGS [-20.4]: Only game between teams w/winning records
Gid’s Kids v. H.Y.C. [-24.5]: The last two Bullet Train/Crappie winners clash.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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