LFB [2016] – Playoffs, Rd. 3: Final standings, the new champ is crowned.


The season is now over.  Apologies for the limited updates throughout the season [busy summer!].  In the end, playing for their fallen stud pitcher, Grand Theft Votto takes the title, surviving Weeks of Justice with a 6-4-0 victory over Fo Shizzo My Rizzo.  Final standings with payouts below.  Many thanks for the great season; see you next year!

  1. Grand Theft Votto, $150
  2. Fo Shizzo My Rizzo, $100
  3. Team CCI, $50
  4. Dozier Huge Jugs!
  5. Baseball Barqs
  6. Flash Gordon
  7. Goldy Balls Deep
  8. Backyard Bullies
  9. Diamond Sharp Rubber Arms
  10. JF 16
  11. HOLY COW
  12. Rusty Trumbo

The league can be found here.


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