LFFL [2016] – Week 8 Recap: Wait, it’s Week 8 already?


I’ll admit, the last several weeks have been a blur, I had no clue we were at week 8!  So, congrats to all the Bullet Train winners over the past several weeks, and this week’s award goes to Ben, Brown, and Associates, who somehow reacquired Derek Carr for a ….Defense?  Carr gets 40.8, and BBA gets back to 0.500.  Other notes:

  • WS, pt. 1:  The team with the #1 power ranking loses this week, but stays on top.  H.Y.C. takes down Hilty Three Times.  Key Observation: HHenry, you are on notice.
  • WS, pt. 2:  Big game between two of our better teams, BULLDOGS somehow piece together a backfield and get the win over TRiM Ballers.  Key Observation:  MIngram, you are on notice.
  • WS, pt. 3: A battle between Cubs fans goes to Everyday I’m Russelin’, who rely on their special teams for points and scoot by the defending champ.  Key Observation: Bye weeks really starting to hurt a few teams.
  • Crappie Report: A tough week for TRiM Ballers who had their prized player, JTucker on a bye, and collect this week’s Crappie with 60.6 pts.  Key Observation:  I had never heard of Kapri Bibbs until this week.

Key Matchups: Week 9
THE BULLDOGS [-5.4] v. ATHNN: Two divisions leaders lock horns
Football Barqs v. BBA [-3.5]: 4-4 is becoming an important record.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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