LFN [2016]: Week 36 Update and final standings w/payouts


Week 36 Results:

  • Race winner:  Jimmy Johnson
  • Skin winner:  Shake and Bake/Todd’s Entry [$2.50 each]

Final Leaderboard:

  • Spring Segment: Shake and Bake [$50]
  • Summer Segment: TradinPaint [$50]
  • Fall Segment: Busch Whackers [$50]
  • Overall: Busch Whackers [$77]

The season comes to a close, with Jimmy Johnson taking home title #7.  Busch Whackers take home the Fall Segment and the overall title, with TradinPaint coming in second.  Thanks to everyone for hanging with the new format; in my humble opinion it worked very well [obviously].  Below are the final standings with payouts; this does not take into account the $40 entry fee; if you did not take care of your entry fee, we’ll take care of that in a separate email.  I will square up with everyone by the end of the year as I usually do.  Hope to see you in 2017!

  1. Busch Whackers, $177.00
  2. TradinPaint, $93.00
  3. Racers of the Left Arc, $40.00
  4. Shake and Bake, $62.50
  5. Todd’s Entry, $12.50
  6. Fender Benders, $20.00
  7. TRiM, $5.00
  8. Yooper Drive, $10.00
  9. Pirate Monkeys, $5.00
  10. Go Fast Turn Left, $15.00
  11. Brent’s Entry, $0.00

LFN Spreadsheet


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