LFFL [2016] – Week 12 Recap: What is happening in that Red Division?


A rare Saturday update!  Back from the UP, and I need to break down the playoff scenario.  Congrats to TRiM Ballers for getting the week 12 Bullet Train, their first of the year, and apologies to The Monsoon, who catch their second Crappie…in a row.  Here is what I see for possible playoff scenarios as of right now:

  1. A Team Has No Name [10-2]:  Clinched White Division, #1 seed, first round bye
  2. THE BULLDOGS [8-4]: Clinched playoff spot, should win the Blue Division
  3. Hilty Three Times [7-5]:  Clinging, and I mean clinging, to the Red Division lead, should be in the playoffs regardless based on points scored, but anything is possible
  4. Demarius Targaryen [7-5]:  Clinched playoff spot based on record/points scored
  5. TRiM Ballers [7-5]: This team could go from in to out in a hurry, needs a win this week and could possibly win the Red Division
  6. Football Barqs [7-5]: In right now, needs a win to stay in
  7. Ben, Brown and Associates [6-6]: On the outside looking in, needs a win with big points scored and some help
  8. Everyday I’m Russelin’ [6-6]: Same as BBA, a win, points, and some help
  9. Klaver Football Club [5-7]: Eliminated from the playoffs
  10. H.Y.C. [4-8]: Eliminated from the playoffs
  11. Gid’s Kids [3-9]: Eliminated from the playoffs
  12. The Monsoon [2-10]: Eliminated from the playoffs

Key Matchups: Week 13
TRiM Ballers  v. Ben, Brown, and Associates: Seein’ Red
Hilty Three Times v. Everyday I’m Russelin’: Seein’ Red

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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