LFFL [2016] – Week 13 Recap: The closest ever playoff field is set


The regular season is over and we have our playoff field set.  It was the closest cut off ever, with the Red Division ending in a 4 way tie with everyone at 7-6, and two teams tied at 8-5 for the Blue Division.  It all comes down to points, and backing into the Red Division title is Hilty Three Times, who cling to the #3 seed by less than 40 pts.  Good for them that a hot start to the season kept them alive during this end of the season slide.  Other notes:

  • Seeing Blue: Football Barqs takes the matchup, but was way behind THE BULLDOGS in pts and ends up with the 5th seed in their inaugural season.  THE BULLDOGS slide into the #2 seed and will have a first round bye.
  • Seeing Hope: Kind of like an RKO, Everyday I’m Russelin comes out of no where to win and clinch the #6 seed by outscoring BBA by 3.2 pts in overall standings; wow, close.  I seem to remember another #6 seed with RWilson as QB making a run last year…look out.
  • Seeing Nothing:  Eliminated in a tough way this week were Ben, Brown and Associates and TRiM Ballers, apparently 7 wins is just not enough this year.
  • Crappie Report:  Catching the last Crappie of the year is H.Y.C., but the big ‘catch’ is for The Monsoon, who take home the Crappie Master award, scoring the fewest points in the league, averaging 97.4 pts per game.

Playoffs: Rd. 1
#5 Football Barqs  v. #4 Demaryius Targaryen [-11.2]
#6 Everyday I’m Russelin’ [-11.2] v. #3 Hilty Three Times

Toilet Bowl: Rd. 1
#11 Gid’s Kids  v. #10 H.Y.C. [-1.4]
#12 The Monsoon v. #9 Klaver Football Club [16.3]

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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