LFFL [2016] – Playoffs, Rd. 1: For whom the Bell tolls


We are down to the final four in the 2016 LFFL playoffs, with 2 former champs and 2 teams trying to claim the belt for the first time.  Last year it was RWilson/DBaldwin propelling the #6 seed to the title; could this be the year LBell does the same?  A 49.8 pt performance for LBell [whoa] lifts Everyday I’m Russelin’ to the shootout victory 144.9-133.  CHogan made it interesting on MNF, but not meant to be for Hilty Three Times.  In the other semifinal, bad luck for Football Barqs as MGordon exits with injury, and they lose their first playoff game, 95.7-68.8 to Demaryius Targaryen.

Playoffs: Rd. 2
#4 Demaryius Targaryen [-16.7]  v. #1 A Team Has No Name
#6 Everyday I’m Russelin’ [-20.6] v. #2 THE BULLDOGS

Toilet Bowl: Rd. 2
#11 Gid’s Kids  v. #7 Ben, Brown and Associates [-3.1]
#9 Klaver Football Club [-16.4] v. #8 TRiM Ballers

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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