LFFL [2016] – Playoffs, Rd. 2: A Team Has No Name, Everyday I’m Russelin’ to square off for LFFL Title


The finals are set, and we will have a first time LFFL belt holder!  #1 seed A Team Has No Name needed his two players to make it official on MNF, but it was DFreeman setting the table and the win.  And look out, but we have another #6 seed in the finals as Everyday I’m Russelin’ advances to their first finals behind 29.3 pts from waiver wire legend TMontgomery.  These two teams will square off for ~$850 this weekend.

Playoffs: Championship Rd.
#6 Everyday I’m Russelin’ [-10]  v. #1 A Team Has No Name

Playoffs: 3rd Place
#4 Demaryius Targaryen [-10.4] v. #2 THE BULLDOGS

Toilet Bowl: Final Rd.
#11 Gid’s Kids [-7.7] v. #9 Klaver Football Club 

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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