LFFL [2016] – Playoffs, Rd. 3: A Team Has No Name finishes dream season with first LFFL title


There was little drama in our final matchup this year, but Everyday I’m Russelin’ did have a chance with MNF, needing 20 pts out of his kicker.  However, Dan Bailey came up a little short, and we have our new champion, A Team Has No Name, who take the $869.55 first place money and the championship belt with a 142.7-129.5 victory.

In the 3rd place game, Demaryius Targaryen get the somewhat lopsided victory 149.6-47.6, and takes the $$$.  The much coveted Toilet Bowl goes to the Klaver Football Club.

Below are the final standings with all the adjustments for Division titles, Bullet Trains and transactions fees.  If you have not paid your entry fee yet, that will be accounted for in the end of the year email.


  1. A Team Has No Name: $921.55
  2. Everyday I’m Russelin’: $328.30
  3. Demaryius Targaryen: $225.15
  4. THE BULLDOGS: $-12.00
  5. Hilty Three Times: $20.00
  6. Football Barqs: -$38.00
  7. Klaver Football Club: -$21.00
  8. Gid’s Kids: -$54.00
  9. Ben, Brown and Associates: -$18.00
  10. The Monsoon: -$70.00
  11. TRiM Ballers: -$48.00
  12. H.Y.C.: -$34.00

I’ll be sending out the year-end finance emails early next week for all the Louse games, and will try to get squared up with everyone within the next few weeks.  Thanks for the great season; we’ll see you all next year!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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