LFB [2017]: Week 21 Update

The playoffs are here!  Congrats to all the teams for a great regular season, the final regular season matchup results are below with the final standings. Division winners: Harwell: Grand Theft Votto Caray: Sweet Chin Music Playoffs – Semifinals: #4 Judgement Day vs. #1 Grand Theft Votto #3 Donnie Baseball vs. #2 Sweet Chin Music … More LFB [2017]: Week 21 Update


LFN [2017]: Week 25 Update

Week 25 Results: Race winner:  Denny Hamlin Skin winner:  Four Fresh Tires [$5] Current Leaderboard: Spring Segment: Busch Whackers [$50] Summer Segment: Busch Whackers [1 race to go] Fall Segment: – [10 races to go] Overall: Busch Whackers [11 races to go] LFN Spreadsheet