LFFL [2017] – Week 1 Recap: The most lucrative season of the LFFL is underway


The race to the $1K payday is off and running!  Pretty slow start to the race, only 4 teams scored over 100 pts, and in looking at the records, this past week is the all-time lowest scoring week in the league….by far.  Leading this whimpering pack out of the gate, the all-time LFFL leader in wins [81], Klaver Football Club, as they collect the first $25 Bullet Train behind 33 pts from…the Jags DEF?  Sheesh; guess they won’t miss DJohnson.  Other notes:

  • 1-0, Part 1:  An early season trade lands THE BULLDOGS KHunt for TNF, and 43.1 pts later, can you say GOAT?  BULLDOGS win over HH.
    • Key Observation: HH will need more than GOAT MStafford’s 4Q comebacks
  • 1-0, Part 2:  Newly christened Straight Cash Homie [SCH] tallies the 2nd most points of the week with balanced attacked, gives TRiM’s new ownership a rude W1 welcome.
    • Key Observation:  BEAST MODE HAS NOT LOST A STEP
  • 1-0, Part 3: Quite a ‘shootout’ here, and as always some MNF drama as the DEN DEF can’t contain PRivers and his 21 kids, HYC takes the opener.
    • Key Observation:  The defending champ has a QB controversy.
  • Crappie Report: This season’s first award goes to….The Monsoon, who put up an unimpressive 67 pts and lose to GOAT Zeke and the Cabana Kid [catchy name].
    • Key Observation:  BBortles ‘torched’ the HOU DEF?  GOAT.

Key Matchups: Week 2
A Team Has No Name v. Straight Cash Homie [-2.9]: The champ looks to right the ship
Cabana Kid v. Biscuit Barqs [-2.4]: The Zeke Suspension Tour continues on.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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