LFFL [2017] – Week 3 Recap: The scoring drought is over [sort of]

Colts Jets Football

Week 3 is in the books, and we can all thank our glorious President for firing up these lazy players into scoring some points!  Leading the charge with this weeks Bullet Train is 4th and 20, pushing out a gaudy 146 pts, getting double digit points out of all but 2 players, and of course, having GOAT MStafford in your lineup helps.  Other notes:

  • MLFFLGA, Part 1:  Klaver Football Club gets 30.2 pts out of KCousins!   ….but nothing else; BULLDOGS win, move to 2-1.
    • Key Observation: SDiggs on KFC bench with 33.3 pts; ouch ouch ouch.
  • MLFFLGA, Part 2: The Monsoon have won their first regular season games since Week 6 of 2016.  Think about that.
    • Key Observation:  RWilson on Monsoon bench with 37.1 pts; ouch ouch ouch
  • MLFFLGA, Part 3: We have one undefeated team left!  H.Y.C. gets a great game and a dog pissing in the end zone out of OBJ, and barely hangs on to move to 3-0.
    • Key Observation:  I’m noticing 3 DEF on Straight Cash Homies team.  Not sure how many ‘ouchs’ that is worth.
  • Crappie Report: Somebody had to win the game between the two 0-2 teams, and TRiM MyT Bastards ‘bullies’ the defending champ, 75.3-62.1, giving ATWNN this week’s Crappie.
    • Key Observation: CHogan on ATWNN bench with 20.8 pts; ouch ouch.

Key Matchups: Week 4
4th and 20 v. Cabana Kid [-1.2]: Which high scoring WK3 team prevails?.
The Monsoon v. THE BULLDOGS [-14.57: Which high scoring WK3 team prevails?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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