LFB [2017]: Final standings

The season is over and the champ has been crowned.  Congrats to Sweet Chin Music for taking the title; I will have nightmares all off-season of Sept 26th when SCM put up 17 runs and 18 RBI’s including 8 RBI’s from Andrew McCutchen.  Final Standings are shown below; thanks to all for another great season, see you all next March!


Louse Fantasy Baseball Final League Standings

1 Sweet Chin Music Barrie Sager 119-86-5
2 Grand Theft Votto Chad Gadomski 117-78-15
3 Donnie Baseball Don Hiltunen 110-88-12
4 Judgement Day Danny VanGosen 103-94-13
5 Big Dollar Foods Anthony Vidlund 99-100-11
6 Team CCI paul mood 86-112-12
7 Tanaka Tanaka Todd Gadomski 103-96-11
8 DJ de Diamond Sharp greg hiltunen 82-113-15
9 Balls Deep jeff kelly 85-113-12
10 HOLY COW Dave Gadomski 88-112-10

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