LFFL [2017] – Week 4 Recap: Keep your eyes on the Hurley Gurley Man

Todd Gurley, Jaylon Smith, Jeff Heath

Who are these Rams?  Leading the league in scoring?  Beating DAL in Dallas?  JGoff looking like GOAT MStafford?  One team not complaining about this outburst is Straight Cash Homie, scorching KFC by putting up a scary 171.6 pts, collecting this week’s Bullet Train.  Genius pickup of EManning yields 30.2 pts.  Other notes:

  • Mellow Yellow:  Moving to 3-1 is 4th and 20, with LBell finally showing up with 32.6 pts, as they easily handle Cabana Kid by 16.
    • Key Observation: The Zeke suspension tour rolls on as he gets 27.9 pts.
  • Catch the Wind: Signs of life from the defending champ, getting double digit points out of every roster spot and rolling to a huge victory over Biscuit Barqs, all with CNewton on the bench with 35.9 pts.
    • Key Observation:  BB has a bad bad bad injury week; let’s leave it at that.
  • Universal Soldier: Now winners of two straight regular season games is the Monsoon, getting 46 pts out of their K and DEF???  I’d say I’m amazed…but I’m not.
    • Key Observation:  KHunt comes back to earth.
  • Crappie Report: Words can’t describe the disgusting display put out by this week’s Crappie ‘winner’ shelling out a ghastly 56.8 pts.  That owner should be deeply embarrassed and hide his head in shame.
    • Key Observation: H.Y.C. moves to 4-0 with an ‘impressive’ 77.7 pts.

Key Matchups: Week 5
Klaver Football Club [-7.1] v. TRiM MyT Bastards: Something has to give for 1-3 teams.
4th and 20 [-29.7] v. Biscuit Barqs: Hiltunen battle royale.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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