LFFL [2017] – Week 5 Recap: Smoke and Mirror show


A wild week 5 in the LFFL comes to a close with injuries galore.  If you made it through unscathed, bully for you.  Hitting the waiver wire jackpot this week:  Biscuit Barqs.  They pick up DWatson, who puts up 38.1 pts, and BB rolls to their second Bullet Train of the year with an absolute destruction of 4th and 20.  Other notes:

  • Diamond:  What can you say about our only undefeated team, H.Y.C., sitting at 5-0?  LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK.  Except in losing OBJ for the year, but 5 wins is 5 wins.
    • Key Observation: I think the ELacy experiment is over.
  • Platinum: Big week for A Team Has No Name; 2nd win in a row after that rough start, Cam seems to be Cam again, and the arrival of the baby boy!  Congrats!! I believe that is our 3rd LFFL baby; this league will be in good hands in 20 years.
    • Key Observation:  I think the SWatkins experiment is over.
  • Gold: Straight Cash Homie rolls on, getting 31 pts out of DEF/K combined to move to 4-1.  Good news for losing team Cabana Kid?  At 2-3, you are part of a 4 way tie for first in the Blue Division.  Yay.
    • Key Observation:  I think the AAbdullah experiment is over.
  • Crappie Report: 4th and 20 get this weeks Crappie; how can a team with GOAT MStafford lose like this?  -6 from TEX DEF doesn’t help.
    • Key Observation: I think the ACooper experiment is over.

Key Matchups: Week 6
Gid’s Kids v. Cabana Kid [-0.3]: Who will be the King ‘Kid’?
Straight Cash Homie [-34.3] v. Biscuit Barqs: Last two Bullet Train winners collide.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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