LFFL [2017] – Week 7 Recap: Upset City!

There is parity in the NFL with 25 teams that have at least 3-5 wins after Week 7, and the same goes for the LFFL, everybody is close to a potential playoff position.  Several upsets this week as 2 of the top 4 teams lose, and the defending champ goes down as well.  The last time I wrote this update 2 weeks ago 4th and 20 had been destroyed and took the Crappie.  Looong forgotten as 4th and 20 pile up an impressive 158.5 pts en route to their 3rd Bullet Train of the year, 2nd straight week.  Whoa!  How is this possible with GOAT MStafford on a bye?  Apparently the ACooper experiment is not over.  Other notes:

  • Trade bait, pt. 1:  Can anyone stop the JAGS D?  Simple answer = NO.  No Fournette, no problem, KFC overwhelms ATHNN by 48 pts
    • Key Observation:  Clinging to DMcFadden doesn’t seem to be working #FreeZeke
  • Trade bait, pt. 2: If you would have told me DCarr would have 34 pts on Thurs and was going against JFlacco and a K who had 0 pts, I would have said R-O-U-T.  Not so fast!  Gid’s Kids storms back with ZErtz and takes the match vs. H.Y.C. who have now dropped 2 straight.
    • Key Observation:  Clinging to TPryor Sr. doesn’t seem to be working #FlyEaglesFly
  • Trade bait, pt. 3: For a guy whose could be suspended any day, EElliot is trying to get his 2,000 yards as quickly as possible.  Like now.  40.4 pts!  Cabana Kid rolls TRiM by 42.6 pts.  Oh what to do with two top 5 QB’s?  Can only play one….
    • Key Observation:  Clinging to AEllington doesn’t seem to be working #APAllDay
  • Crappie Report: This week’s Crappie is ‘awarded’ to Biscuit Barqs, who tally a franchise record low 53.7 pts.  The good news?  Eh…I don’t see much.
    • Key Observation: Clinging to TRawls doesn’t seem to be working #LacyIsStillFat

Key Matchups: Week 8
H.Y.C. [-6.4] v. Klaver Football Club: Which streak ends, HYC losses or KFC win?
Cabana Kid [-7.9] v. THE BULLDOGS: Two 1st place teams who are very active on the trade market I’m told.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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