LFFL [2017] – Week 8 Recap: Welcome to Grip City

A wild weekend in sports concludes with some cray cray NFL games.  BTW, ZMiller caught that ball in the endzone, not sure what the officials were looking at.  The 3rd highest scoring team in the league is The Monsoon, who have had some unfortunate luck; last week playing the Bullet Train winner and 2nd highest scoring team, and this week was the same, running into the highest scoring team in the league, Straight Cash Homie, who collect this week’s award with a girthy 158.1 pts.  57 pts from a DEF and K??  Sheesh.  Other notes:

  • Grip City, pt. 1:  JMcCown did his best ARod impression, but DWatson is just trucking fools, and Biscuit Barqs scrapes by with the 1.6 pt victory.
    • Key Observation:  Both teams are 3-5…trade deadline is fast approaching
  • Grip City, pt. 2: Somehow, H.Y.C. keeps plugging along, ‘scorching’ KFC with 88.8 pts and taking the win.  The third lowest score of the week hangs on for victory?? Don’t tell the Monsoon.
    • Key Observation:  H.Y.C. is 6-2, and is the second lowest scoring team in the league.  Huh?
  • Grip City, pt. 3: The defending champ is back on track, putting out a whopping 130.7 pts en route to victory over 4th and 20.  Shady strikes again #CircleTheWagons
    • Key Observation:  Zero TD’s for GOAT MStafford?  Must be some mistake.
  • Crappie Report: The lowest scoring team in the league, TRiM MyT Bastards, doesn’t disappoint as they catch this week’s Crappie with a lowly 54 pts.  Surprisingly, not a franchise low, which is 53 pts.
    • Key Observation: The good news:  MLynch is back!!! Time to hustle with a record of 2-6.

Key Matchups: Week 9
Straight Cash Homie [-6.7] v. 4th and 20: Top two scoring teams square off.  Shootout!
Cabana Kid [-3.8] v. H.Y.C.: My #FreeZeke campaign apparently did not pay off.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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