LFFL [2017] – Week 11 Recap: Blowout City

What an insanely bizarre week!  I have never seen so many lopsided scores.  Normally when this many teams score this many points, they are playing against each other.  5 of the 6 games had at least a 20 pt margin, 3 games over 43 pts, and two games with over a 64 pt margin; wow!  Leading this onslaught this week and capturing their 3rd Bullet Train of the year is Straight Cash Homie, with a 74.1 pt embarrassment of TRiM MyT Bastards.  SACKsonville strikes again!  Other notes:

  • 64.4:  What is it with DEF teams this week?  Ravens D puts up 33 pts in shutting out the Pack, and KFC cruises.
    • Key Observation:  We have a KAllen sighting…will we have another on Thurs?
  • 32.2:  The Steelers DEF goes for 22 pts, and The Monsoon grabs the division lead with 2 games to go by flooring Cabana Kid.  #FreeZeke is officially dead.
    • Key Observation:  MJones Jr really REALLY likes playing the Bears.
  • 20.7:  Only 4 pts for the Broncos DEF, but the Eagles DEF had 27 pts on the bench [ironic?] for the DEFending champ, and they are back in the playoff hunt with the win over H.Y.C.
    • Key Observation:  20 pts for K Gostkowski?  These special team positions are out of freaking control.
  • Crappie Report:  Very close competition for the Crappie this week with 3 teams within 0.3 pts, but this week’s “winner” is Gid’s Kids.
    • Key Observation: The deep freeze that is hitting the UP has frozen the Kids scoring output.

Key Matchups: Week 12
Straight Cash Homie [-2.5] v. A Team Has No Name: Possible division on the line?
THE BULLDOGS [PK] v. Gid’s Kids: Possible #1 seed and bye in the balance

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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