LFFL [2017] – Week 12 Recap: Playoff Bound? Better score some points

Only one week to go, and you can tell it’s playoff time; teams are stepping up as this was the highest scoring week of the year in the LFFL.  There are sooo many scenarios for teams with at least 6 wins, and I’m too tired from the Master Cleanse to go into them all.  Basically, if you have 8 or more wins, you are in, and if you have 5 or less wins you are not!  Skins have been monopolized by very few teams this year, I’m thinking they are all peaking too soon [at least that’s my hope if by some miracle I get in].  Steamrolling to their second straight Bullet Train of the year is Straight Cash Homie with a blistering 152.4 pts and probably a division title.  We all saw what Brown can do for you on Sunday night.  Other notes:

  • In right now, but…:  A very ho-hum 7-5 for H.Y.C. who win this week, but hey, a win this week and they get a sniff at the $1K.
    • Key Observation:  Can RBurkhead take H.Y.C. to the promised land?
  • Probably in:  Cabana Kid unleashed the BEAST that is JJones; whoa!  Cabana Kid probably in even with a loss this week due to points scored.  BTW, I’m hoping for a loss [no offense]
    • Key Observation:  Benching MJones Jr…really?  Almost cost the Kid…well not really.
  • Locked in:  4th and 20 made the deal of the year so far for AKamara and remains in the race for a bye with the win over KFC.
    • Key Observation: Fun fact: PRivers has 7 kids.  7.
  • Crappie Report:  In case you missed it, MCrabtree is a douchebag.  The Monsoon catch this week’s Crappie and fall one game back in the division, BUT, are still in the playoffs as of today.
    • Key Observation: Crabtree….douchebag, bears repeating.

Key Matchups: Week 13

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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