LFFL [2017] – Week 13 Recap: The race for $1K begins now!

The playoffs are here!  It was a pretty exciting game last night as several teams playoff hopes were on the line, and the game itself did not disappoint.  Well, I guess it did for some.  Leading the charge into the playoffs with the #1 seed and a division title is Straight Cash Homie, who capture an LFFL record 5th Bullet Train for the year behind MNF heroes Big Ben and ABrown.  SCH also captures the Mike Martz award for scoring the most points in the league; it is the 4th highest scoring team in LFFL history.  Fun fact:  Only one of the 3 teams that scored more points in a season went on to win the title.  Not to worry for SCH; with a possible ARod return, this team is clearly the favorite to win it all.  Other notes:

  • #2 seed:  What can you say about the two headed monster of LBell and AKamara?  Stud and Stud.  4th and 20 captures the division title and earns a first round bye with some MNF magic from afore mentioned LBell.  With a backfield like that, the GOAT giving inspirational talks from the bench, PRivers clicking on all cylinders, and an angry Gronk, this team is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #3 seed:  Cabana Kid backdoors their way into a division title, suffering a horrendous loss this week, but….who cares!  CK takes the $$ and earns the #3 seed with points scored.  Former GOAT TBrady is looking to rebound after last week’s snoozer, and with part time electrifier JJones on the roster, plus mid level mediocrity from DWalker and CMCaffrey, this team is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #4 seed:  Not the way THE BULLDOGS wanted to end the season by taking the loss and missing out on the bye, but still IN the playoffs as a 4 seed and getting a sniff at the $1K.  Don’t sleep on this team.  With MVP candidate CWentz at the helm, weeks 1-3 stud KHunt lurking, weeks 10-13 stud RAnderson in tow, and the always reliable Raiders DEF, this 9-4 team is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #6 seed:  H.Y.C. doesn’t want you to listen to the stats.  They don’t want you to hear they have the lowest points scored for a season for a playoff team in LFFL history.  They don’t want you to hear they have never won a belt, finishing in 2nd place three times.  They are IN, and with two mid-level QB’s to play the matchups on, a rising semi-stud in RBurkhead, and the incomparable JTucker kicking, this team is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • Crappie Report:  The final Crappie of the year goes to the defending champ, who takes it on the chin, and misses the playoffs, meaning we will have a new champ.  Get your pics with the belt while you can, ATHNN.  The new leadership group heading up TRiM MyT Bastards does wonders in their first year by garnering one of the leagues premier trophies, the CRAPPIE MASTER, for scoring the fewest points during the regular season.

Playoffs, Round 1:
#6 H.Y.C. v. #3 Cabana Kid [-12.2]
#5 Demaryius Targaryen [-12.4] v. #4 THE BULLDOGS

Toilet Bowl, Round 1:
#11 Gid’s Kids [-3.5] v. #10 Biscuit Barqs
 #12 TRiM MyT Bastards v. #9 Klaver Football Club [-3.7]

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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