LFFL [2017] – Playoffs, Final Round: We have a new Champ…

It was close for a while, but in the end, the highest scoring team in the regular season delivered once again and brought home the Belt.  Straight Cash Homie rides TGurley all the way to the title, becoming the first $1K winner in league history.  H.Y.C. once again finishes 2nd, props to them as they have been in 4 championship games, an LFFL record.  4th and 20 finishes 3rd and is still the all-time leading money winner in the LFFL.  Our defending champ wins the Toilet Bowl, not quite the payday as last year, but a ‘title’ none-the-less.  Final standings with winnings below; all LeagueSafe accounts will be paid out by the end of the day.  Many thanks for the great season; can’t wait to do it all over again next fall!

Final Standings w/payouts:

  1. Straight Cash Homie, $1,225
  2. H.Y.C., $500
  3. 4th and 20, $450
  5. Cabana Kid, $100
  6. Demaryius Targaryen
  7. A Team Has No Name, $25
  8. Biscuit Barqs ,$50
  9. Gid’s Kids
  10. The Monsoon, $25
  11. TRiM MyT Bastards
  12. Klaver Football Club, $25

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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