Louse Cup [2017] Final Standings: The new ‘King of Kings’ is crowned

The Cup
This is the Louse Cup

New Years Day proved the be the difference this year with so many crazy bowl games, it was hard to keep up with all the projections.  In the end, a close race this year, and we have a new cup holder, Barrie Sager is your King of Kings; winning both the baseball and football titles helps quite a bit!  The new KoK finishes the with with an average finish in the 5 fantasy games of 2.60.

2017 Louse Cup – Final Standings:

  • Barrie Sager, 340 pts
  • Chad Gadomski, 330 pts
  • Don Hiltunen, 300 pts
  • Dan Vangosen, 250 pts
  • Greg Hiltunen, 210 pts
  • Todd Gadomski, 160 pts
  • Paul Mood, 160 pts
  • Dave Gadomski, 130 pts
  • Mike Rice, 120 its

I’ll be honest, I did not collect or shake down anyone for money for this during the course of the year, and not everyone played in all the games.  While this title may be honorary to an extent, I would recommend the next time we see our new champ we buy him an adult beverage or 4.  Will be looking at some big rules changes to the format in 2018, stay tuned and thanks for playing!


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