LFFL [2018] – Week 1 Recap: Fitz-magic!!

We are off and running in the 2018 LFFL season!  Quite the high scoring week; in looking at the total points, our league scored more combined points in Week 1 than in any week in 2017; impressive.  We were all stacking Jets, Buccs and Browns, right?  Kicking this off with the first Bullet Train of the year [and 3rd overall for the franchise] is Donnie Barqs.  MThomas scorched the TAM D, but somehow the Saints lost that game?  Welcome back ALuck…?  A DLewis and GTate sighting…?  Oh yeah, this team is built for a championship.  Other notes:

  • 1-0, Part 1:  I talked a lot about GOAT’s last year, and there is no great fantasy football draft GOAT than the Cabana Kid, who ‘drafts the best team ever’ every year.  Too many championships to count, and off to a good start this year with the victory behind DBrees and MIN D.
    • Key Observation: Don’t forget about JGraham and ACooper; this team has title written all over it.
  • 1-0, Part 2:  H.Y.C. went old school in this years draft, literally, with an avg age of 47 years old, this team maybe the one to finally get them to the promised land, cruising to the victory over 2016 champ A Team Has No Name.
    • Key Observation:  The stable of CLE RB’s that H.Y.C. has collected is impressive; look for them to make another run to the finals.
  • 1-0, Part 3: Gid’s Kids almost got his ‘wish’ when ARodgers went down.  Instead he came back to score 27 pts and lead the Kids to the W1 win.
    • Key Observation:  The defending champ has a minor, very minor QB issue. #BigRED
  • Crappie Report: I copied this post from last year, and this is exactly what was I wrote a year ago:  “This season’s first award goes to….The Monsoon”.  Back to Back years, RIGHT ON!
    • Key Observation:  I will say The Monsoon scored about 20 more points this year than last.

Key Matchups: Week 2
H.Y.C.[-5.6] v. Klaver Football club: Undeafeateds square off
A Team Has No Name v. THE BULLDOGS [-0.8]: Which former champ goes 0-2?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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