LFFL [2018] – Week 2 Recap: Mahomes-magic!!

Some teams continued on the high scoring rampage while some teams…didn’t.  No one added Fitz-Magic this week; after that wardrobe choice he had post game, he’s high on my radar.  The other big story of the week was from PMahomes; how ’bout this kid?  Reminds me of how KHunt started off last year, and we all know how THAT turned out.  No matter; freshly minted Scoring 40 for my Mahomies takes the Bullet Train getting 41.8 from Mahomie.  TGurley not too shabby either.  Other notes:

  • 2-0, Part 1:  Moving to 2-0 [as expected] is the juggernaut known as H.Y.C., garnering the 32.8 pt victory over KFC.  SDiggs and the LAR D lead the charge.
    • Key Observation: BRoethlisberger with 43.4 on the bench; time to bench GOAT?
  • 2-0, Part 2:  Also moving to 2-0 [as expected] is the juggernaut known as the Cabana Kid, using a very balanced lineup to crush The Monsoon by 49.8 pts.
    • Key Observation:  MGordon won’t play BUF every week.
  • 2-0, Part 3: Staying undefeated was a no-brainer for Donnie Barqs, who has MThomas breaking all sorts of records, and they hang on for the win over 4th and 20.
    • Key Observation:  KCousins on the bench with 37.5; time to bench the porn star GOAT?
  • Crappie Report: What a difference a week makes as this weeks Crappie goes to Gid’s Kids with 70.1 pts; I see a lot of red Q’s in this roster.
    • Key Observation:  How long will ARod last on that gimpy knee?

Key Matchups: Week 3
Donnie Barqs v. Cabana Kid [-14]: Something has to give
The Monsoon v. 4th and 20 [-1.9]: Which former champ goes 0-3?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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