LFFL [2018] – Week 3 Recap: Brees-magic!!

Another insane scoring week; in checking the numbers, we have scored 537.9 pts more in the first three weeks than in the same time in 2017.  That is 179.3 pts per week!  What is the reason for this outbreak?  Steroids?  Deflated balls?  High scoring QB’s is seems;  Cabana Kid moves to 3-0 getting 44.2 pts from old man DBrees.  He also had MRyan on the bench with 43.7 pts!  That has to be a first; how many 40 pt performances have we had already this year?  MTrubisky, where are you on this?  Other notes:

  • Grip Alert, Part 1:  Quite a shootout between two former champs; sometimes luck is all you need as 4th and 20 gets into the win column with the 98.3-92.4 victory over now 0-3 Monsoon.
    • Key Observation: SBarkley looks like the real deal for a real sh*tty NYG team.
  • Grip Alert, Part 2:  The 2016 champ is on grip alert, falling to 0-3 with a close game but loss by 12.8 pts to KFC.  Zeke – where out thou?
    • Key Observation:  CLE D with 15 pts?  What year is this?
  • Rolling with Ma-homies: A ‘quiet’ day for Mr. Mahomes with only 28.2 pts, but with TGurley, MEvans, and APeterson all putting up over 20 pts, S40FM moves to 2-1 with the win over H.Y.C.
    • Key Observation:  TBrady where are you?  You know as soon as H.Y.C. starts Big Ben that Brady will go off.
  • Crappie Report: I don’t collect stats on how many Crappies teams have collected over the years, as that would be Rong.  However, this week’s Crappie winner, TRiM MyT Bastards has amassed a -15 star rating in the Trophy Catalog on the website all time.  FYI.
    • Key Observation:  MStafford can’t carry this team…can he?

Key Matchups: Week 3
Scoring 40 for Ma-homies [-2] v. Gid’s Kids: PMahomes v. AROD
Cabana Kid [-17.9] v. A Team Has No Name: Juggernaut vs Not

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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