LFFL [2018] – Week 4 Recap: Score-a-palooza

Holy scoring Batman!  This record season for points continues, with 8 of 12 teams topping 110 pts this week.  Collecting their 15th overall Bullet Train, and scoring a franchise record 171.6 points [whoa!] is 4th and 20, who have stormed back with 2 straight wins after starting 0-2.  All 4th and 20 players scored double digit points except DThomas, who might of if CKeenum would not have overthrown him on that 2nd to last play of MNF.  Other notes:

  • 1-3, Part 1:  CKupp on the bench for Barqs with 32.7?  No worries, ALuck goes for 40.1 and Barqs [3-1] cruises to victory over TRiM, who fall to 1-3.
    • Key Observation: An injured DCook is not doing TRiM any favors.
  • 1-3, Part 2:  The 2016 champ is off grip alert for now, improving to 1-3 by dropping 151.2 pts en route to drubbing the Cabana Kid.
    • Key Observation:  The Bears score 48 pts and JHoward only has 2.5 pts?  Not fair.
  • 1-3, Part 3: The 2017 champ is also off grip alert for now, moving to 1-3 behind 7 players socring double digits and destroying KFC by 36.3 pts.
    • Key Observation:  JJones is on pace for an NFL record 2,008 receiving yards and 0 TD’s.
  • Crappie Report: Catching their 2nd Crappie in 3 weeks is Gid’s Kids putting up a measly 79.6 pts. and succumbing to PMa-homie.
    • Key Observation:  The Kids go as ARodgers fragile knee goes.

Key Matchups: Week 4
Donnie Barqs v. H.Y.C. [-11.5]: Can H.Y.C. right the ship?
A Team Has No Name [-4.1] v. The Monsoon: Which ‘dream’ season will continue?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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