LFFL [2018] – Week 6 Recap: Gurley the Great

When will the scoring stop?  Hopefully never.  The highest scoring week so far this year with 4 teams scoring over 150 pts.  Surprisingly, this was only the 6th highest scoring week in LFFL history; highest was Week 2 in 2011.  Leading the torrid pace and riding their 2nd Bullet Train of the year is this Scoring 40 for Ma-homies, who should really be buying lotto tickets everyday after lucking out with PMahomes so far this year.  Other notes:

  • Facts, Part 1:  The defending champ rolls by 45.1 over H.Y.C. to win their 3rd straight. TBoyd for MVP.
    • Fun Fact:  Only QB in LFFL history with 3 championships? BRoethlisberger.  Just saying.
  • Facts, Part 2:  The Monsoon make it rain as they win by 50.1 over Gid’s Kids.  SBarkley for MVP.
    • Fun Fact:  There have been only 2 seasons in LFFL history where every team finished the year averaging more than 100 pts.  Right now we have 11/12 teams there.
  • Facts, Part 3:  Only team with 1 loss is the Cabana Kid with an impressive 56.6 pt beatdown of KFC.  MRyan for MVP.
    • Fun Fact:  No team in LFFL history has ended the year with either MRyan or MGordon and won the title.
  • Crappie Report: This week’s Crappie is caught by A Team Has No Name, putting up only 74.8 pts and losing by 77.6 pts to TRiM.
    • Fun Fact:  Lowest scoring average for a season ever in the LFFL was last year, 87.3 pts, by TRiM MyT Bastards, who caught 3 Crappies in 2017.

Key Matchups: Week 7
Straight Cash Homie [-16.8] v. Cabana Kid: 2 streaking teams collide!
Gid’s Kids [-17.1] v. Donnie Barqs: Battle of the distinguished elders!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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