LFFL [2018] – Week 8 Recap: Trade Wars

The trade deadline is tomorrow, and looking at how close it is in the standings, I would think everyone needs to improve!  The most traded player in LFFL history??  Frank Gore, 6 times.  The team that has made the most trades?  No surprise, the defending champ, whose teams have gone by many names, currently monikered as Straight Cash Homie, and they are riding this week’s Bullet Train.  Fun Fact:  The oldest trade in the LFFL in our current format:  10/10/2012 – AZ Gamblers traded Steven Jackson and Stevan Ridley to Team RAT BASTARDS for Wes Welker and Willis McGahee….whoa what a ‘blockbuster’.  Other notes:

  • Trade Wars, Part 1:  No LBell no problem for KFC as they win by 27.4 over the Monsoon.
    • Fun Fact:  10/5/2013 – Blurred Tynes trades Robert Griffin III to Dust Devils for MJD and Russell Wilson #fleece
  • Trade Wars, Part 2:  No skin but Mahomies puts up 161.5 [with 0 from TE] and roll TRiM.
    • Fun Fact:  10/27/2015 – RAT BASTARDS trades Matt Forte and Darren Sproles to Eli Manning and I have cable for Matt Jones and A.J. Green.  Within 2 mins I received an email from Mood stating “that was a terrible trade for JJ” #fleece
  • Trade Wars, Part 3:  It wasn’t pretty, but 4th and 20 win by 2, 92.9-90.9, over Gid’s Kids.
    • Fun Fact:  10/1/2016 – Demaryius Targaryen trades Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson to Hilty Three Times for Julian Edelman and Tom Brady.  Whaaaaat? #fleece
  • Crappie Report: This week’s Crappie is a big one; an eye-popping, franchise low 56.4 pts by FF GOAT Cabana Kid.
    • Fun Fact:  11/4/2014 – The Gronk Show trades Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin to RDK for Brandon Marshall and the Lions D.  Obviously smarter minds than mine would make that deal. #fleece

Key Matchups: Week 9
Donnie Barqs v. Scoring 40 for Ma-homies [-54.8]: Apparently some bye week issues for Barqs
Cabana Kid [-60.9] v. TRiM MyT Bastards:  Apparently some bye week issues for TRiM

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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