LFFL [2018] – Week 9 Recap: Vegas Shakes

My apologies on the miscommunication about the trade deadline last week, it REALLY is tomorrow now, so scour those rosters for last minute deals.  Hopefully this recap comes out OK as the Vegas shakes are still working; riding the Bullet Train this week with a franchise record for pts [167.3] is Da Bears.  How many times have teams set franchise records in points this year!  Other notes:

  • Vegas Shakes, Part 1:  Not swayed by all the Vegas distractions, Donnie Barqs rolls on Mahomies by 61.3.
    • Key Note:  A week after KC plays the Rams, both teams are on bye [week 12].  Mahomies beware.
  • Vegas Shakes, Part 2:  4 am showers were not enough to clean the stink off a 33.1 loss by 4th and 20 to KFC.
    • Key Note:  7 open roster spots for 4th and 20 this week?? Beware.
  • Vegas Shakes, Part 3:  No MNF miracle for DAL D as The Monsoon hang on over Straight Cash Homie.
    • Key Note:  I don’t know why I just noticed we have two teams with ‘homie’ in the title, an all time LFFL record.
  • Crappie Report: ARod can’t save Gid’s Kids as they collect 4th Crappie of the year.
    • Key Note:  A 4th Crappies ties the league record for a season, yet another LFFL record about to fall this year!

Key Matchups: Week 10
Straight Cash Homie [-29.9] v. 4th and 20: Can 4th and 20 field a full roster?
A Team Has No Name v. Donnie Barqs [-45.2]:  Can ATHNN field a full roster?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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