LFFL [2018] – Week 10 Recap: 6-4 galore

We head into division play, and I think this is the closest the standings have ever been at this point in the season.  Six teams are 6-4??  All I can say is, score A LOT of points these next 3 weeks.  With the way scoring has been going this year, this will be a shootout to the end.  Riding high on the Bullet Train this week is Mr. Mahomies, who somehow acquired DJohnson before the deadline and gets crap-sh!t luck out of MBreida on MNF [really?] to put up 170.1 pts, a new franchise high.  Other notes:

  • 6-4, Part 1:  Dropping to 6-4 is Donnie Barqs, who lose a close one to ATHNN [NYJ D -6 v. BUF??, who’d have thunk it?]
    • Fun Fact:  On this day in 1964, “Oliver!” closes at Imperial Theater after 774 perfomances.  Perhaps Oliver Mood is thinking about who they are going to close out this week.
  • 6-4, Part 2:  ZErtz goes bananas on SNF as SCH moves to 6-4 with close win over 4th and 20.
    • Fun Fact:  The #1 song this week in 1964 was ‘Baby Love’ by The Supremes.  I would imagine this song plays on repeat at the PRivers household.
  • 6-4, Part 3:  H.Y.C. finally start Big Ben and roll to 6-4 with a decent win over TRiM.
    • Fun Fact:  The #1 movie this week in 1964 was ‘Kitten with a Whip’, a very apt description of MStafford this season.
  • Crappie Report: We have LFFL history as Gid’s Kids ‘smash’ the Crappie record with #5 for the year.
    • Fun Fact:  This week in 1964, Gid’s Kids owner was 17 years old.  17 is the avg combined pts for the Kids 2 RB’s this year.

Key Matchups: Week 11
Scoring 40 for Mahomies [-13.9] v. Klaver Football Club: Huge huge huge matchup
4th and 20 v. Cabana Kid [-8]:  Ditto

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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