LFFL [2018] – Week 11 Recap: MNF madness

I am sure we have all recovered from that fantasy gem of a MNF game.  I’ll admit…being up 41 pts made me feel pretty good until I saw THill streaking all over the field…close!  No LFFL game was more exciting to watch than Mahomies vs KFC, Mahomes/Gurley vs Goff, and it actually came down to the last play; that Mahomes pick gave KFC the win AND the Bullet Train, their first of the year.  Don’t ask about playoff scenarios; with 5 teams at 7-4 and several others lurking, all I can say is score some points!!!  Other notes:

  • Playoffs, Part 1:  Who is this A Team Has No Name, ripping off 4 straight wins?  H.Y.C. with a little work to do, current #6 in the playoff picture
    • Fun Fact:  In the history of the league, H.Y.C. has made the playoffs 7 times in 11 years, ATHNN 5 times, 1 title.
  • Playoffs, Part 2:  Monsoon season is over in AZ, but “The Monsoon” seems OK for now, at least this week.
    • Fun Fact:  The Monsoon have dented the playoffs 4 times with 1 title; Barqs, very fresh owner of their own team, still seeking first playoff appearance as a franchise.
  • Playoffs, Part 3:  Quietly bouncing back this week, the Cabana Kid gets to that all semi-important-probably-doesn’t-mean-anything-this-year 7 wins.
    • Fun Fact:  4th and 20 have very impressive playoff record with 8 appearances and 3 titles; Cabana Kid not shabby with 5 appearances and have ended each season except one with a different team name.
  • Crappie Report: Becoming quite the fisherman this year, Gid’s Kids haul in Crappie number 6.
    • Fun Fact:  5 playoff runs for Straight Cash Homie, 3 for Gid’s Kids, each franchise with 1 title.

Key Matchups: Week 12
Klaver Football Club [-12.5] v. H.Y.C.: Potential playoff eliminator
Donnie Barqs [-10.1] v. 4th and 20:  Ditto

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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