LFFL [2018] – Week 12 Recap: Playoffs…?

One week to go in the regular season, and the playoff picture is actually shaping up.  The 4 teams at 8-4 = IN.  Mr Mahomies = 95% IN based on points scored.  This means 1 spot remaining for all the 4 remaining 6-6 teams.  Perhaps by some miracle this week’s Bullet Train rider and winner of 5 straight games can get in; A Team Has No Name is on FIRE, but will another win be enough?  Other notes:

  • Playoffs, Part 1:  Cabana Kid is your Blue Division winner and is in line for a BYE with a W this week.
    • Key Observation:  No easy stroll for the Kid this week as 6-6 Barqs needs a win and some help.
  • Playoffs, Part 2:  Currently clinging [and I mean clinging] to the #6 spot is 4th and 20.  A W this week would most likely do it.
    • Key Observation:  4th and 20 hold a 15.7 pt lead over ATHNN for that last spot to lead the 6-6 teams.
  • Playoffs, Part 3:  Who is this Klaver Football Club?  Ripping off 5th straight win puts them in the drivers seat for Red Division.
    • Key Observation:  KFC trails Cabana Kid by only 9.9 pts for that all important 1st round BYE.
  • Crappie Report: Not so MyT Bastards collect this weeks Crappie.  At least DCook is playing now.
    • Fun Fact:  One of 3 teams eliminated from playoffs, Monsoon and Gid’s Kids the others.

Key Matchups: Week 13
Da Bears [-18.5] v. Straight Cash Homie: Winner takes division and probably 1st Rd BYE
A Team Has No Name [-9.4] v. Klaver Football Club:  Can ATHNN finish historic comeback?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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