LFFL [2018] – Playoffs, Rd. 2: Mahomie, KFC to play for the Belt

We are down to the final two! Not quite as wild as last years semifinal, but for the second year in a row we have a Homie in the final game, who also has TGurley on his team. Hint: If you want a decent shot to win the belt, draft TGurley and name your team something with Homie. The other finalist is no stranger to winning the title; Klaver Football Club was our very first champion.  Fun fact: We did not adopt the Belt as a trophy until year 2, so KFC has never had the Belt. Which team will cash in and claim their second title in the LFFL?

Playoffs, Finals:
#5 Scoring 40 for Mahomies [-37.1] v. #2 Klaver Football Club

Playoffs, 3rd place game:
#3 Cabana Kid v. #1 Da Bears [-9.7]

Toilet Bowl, Finals:
#10 The Monsoon v. #8 Donnie Barqs [-31.7]

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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