LFFL [2019] – Week 1 Recap: MNF Madness strikes again!

Boom!  The 2019 LFFL season is underway.  For those wondering what ever would we do without ALuck and Gronk, no worries, GMinshew and THockenson are here to save us.  With 2 games going on MNF, it was no surprise that a few games in the LFFL went down to the wire.  OF COURSE the two highest scoring teams of the week played each other, that’s how it works!  No time for sour grapes; we should all bow down to Kyle Belichick on his draft of a certain Lions TE, however unlike Bill Belichick, the Cabana Kid failed to win the game.  The all-time leader in Bullet Trains with 24 [and apparently counting], Straight Cash Homie scores 141 to outwit, outlast, and outplay his opponent.  Other notes:

  • 1-0, Part 1:  Missed extra point??  Yes, but roughing the kicker.  KFairborn saves the Monsoon’s ass, securing the 0.3 pt win over last year’s runner up KFC.  These damn kickers are gonna be the death of us.
    • Key Observation: Let’s see DHenry do that again; I guarantee he won’t.
  • 1-0, Part 2:  It got a little interesting on MNF, but the defending champ picks up right where he and Mahomie left off, holding off TRiM by 16.2 pts.
    • Key Observation:  Let’s see DWalker do that again; I guarantee he won’t.
  • 1-0, Part 3: Donnie Barqs cruises to the blowout win over hard luck H.Y.C., winning by 35.3 pts, this WITH LJackson on the bench.  Time to retire the H.Y.C. name?  It has not brought a title in 4+ years.
    • Key Observation:  Let’s see DPrescott do that again; I guarantee he won’t.
  • Crappie Report: Good news Monsoon, you did not capture your third straight opening week Crappie.  This year, the first week honor goes to A Team Has No Name.  FYI Mood – Game of Thrones is over now.
    • Key Observation:  The Gadomski’s go 3-0 in week 1; if only SWatkins had been in the lineup.
    • Fun fact #1:  In each of the last 4 years, the WR who had the most points in WK1 ended the year as the #1 ranked WR in fantasy.  Look it up.
    • Fun fact #2: All teams who won in WK1 play each other in WK2, meaning there will be 3 teams at 2-0 and 3 teams 0-2 this week.

Key Matchups: Week 2
Donnie Barqs [-8.2] v. Gid’s Kids: Undeafeateds square off
H.Y.C. v. A Team Has No Name [-11.7]: 2 lowest scoring WK1 teams square off; who goes 0-2?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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