LFFL [2019] – Week 3 Recap: Perfection

A late update this week as the Commish has been busy talking to free agents, especially the one that no one picked up last week #jorts; did no one read my update?  Division play is over for now and we have 4 teams with perfect records [get it?].  One team avoiding the perfect record did so in a big way; Cabana Kid had no mercy this week, riding the Bullet Train with an egregious 157.9 pts.  Must have been a humiliation to the team and owner he played [it was].  Other notes:

  • Perfect, Part 1:  No one told the Monsoon that monsoon season is over as they get 27 from CHI D on MNF and roll to the 38.6 pt victory.
    • Key Observation: KAllen was all charged up this week [get it?].
  • Perfect, Part 2:  I’m pretty sure we all laughed when a QB was taken fairly early in the 1st round of the draft.  No one is laughing now. S40FM to 3-0.
    • Key Observation:  DJones was on the bench for KFC, tough luck as he was certainly a giant among men on Sunday [get it?].
  • Perfect, Part 3: A well balanced attack from the 3 skill positions leads Barqs to a close victory over Emmy-winning-but-not-fantasy-football-winning-Game-of-Thrones-themed ATHNN [get it?].
    • Key Observation:  I’m curious, did ATHNN draft ARodgers because he actually was IN GoT?
  • Crappie Report: Back to KFC, who take the Crappie this week [barely].  Perhaps hoarding QB’s is NOT the answer…?
    • Key Observation:  Big Len sucks.

Key Matchups: Week 4
S40FM v. ATHNN: A perfect record will fall
HYC v. Cabana Kid: Brother-in-Law Battle Royale!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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