LFFL [2019] – Week 4 Recap: 2-2

An absolute logjam in the standings early on in this season as 7 of the 12 LFFL teams sit at 2-2.  What does this mean you ask?  Nothing; we’re all pretty good at this game apparently.  Although, a wise man once told me this game is 90% luck; how many times have the top two scoring teams in a given week played each other?  Twice this year; that’s bad luck.  Always great to be that 2nd highest scoring team [ahem] and always awesome to play the Bullet Train winner for the 2nd straight week [AHEM].  KFC Chubbed up, called on God for a Win, and glassed Birthday Meatheads to capture this weeks skin.  Other notes:

  • 2-2, Part 1:  A close battle, but too much MStafford get 4th and 20 back to 0.500 with the slim 7 pt victory over the Monsoon, who are also 2-2.
    • Key Observation: KAllen was NOT all charged up this week.
  • 2-2, Part 2:  Some how not collecting the Crappie with 69.6 pts is HYC falling to the Cabana Kid by 58.4 pts; both team at 2-2.
    • Key Observation:  RWilson can’t do it all himself.  How do the Browns score 40 and OBJ has only 3 pts?
  • Upset Alert: In perhaps the biggest shock of the week, ATHNN stare down Mahomies and come away victorious for the first time this year.
    • Key Observation:  How long can AB occupy that roster spot with Minshew Mania running wild out there?
  • Crappie Report: Reeling in this week’s Crappie with 68.1 pts is Straight Cash Homie, suffering through several sub-par performances including GOAT TBrady.
    • Key Observation:  Stacking 49ers didn’t help this week; perhaps a positive for the rest of the year!

Key Matchups: Week 5
Donnie Barqs v. KFC: 4-0 vs current skin holder!
TRiM v. 4th and 20: Another family Battle Royale!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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