LFFL [2019] – Week 5 Recap: 40+

Sheesh.  That’s all I could say after seeing all of this scoring this week.  5 players had at least 40 pts, something we’ve never seen; another 6 had at least 30 pts.  The most points by a player:  WFuller V, on my bench with 46.7.  That’s the second time this year I’ve left a 40 burger on my bench [See MEvans, WK3].  BTW, how does MEvans get 0 pts this week?  WR’s suck; let’s eliminate them next year along with K.  The most points by a team:  Straight Cash Homie, riding the Bullet Train with 178.1 points.  Other notes:

  • 40+, Part 1:  Despite getting 45.7 pts from AJones, the PHI D matches with 40 [I mean, come on] and KFC hands Barqs their first loss of the season.
    • Key Observation: MThomas says Drew Who; did I hear chants of ‘Teddy, Teddy’ during that game on Sunday?
  • 40+, Part 2:  WFuller V can’t get 46.7 unless DWatson is throwing to him; he gets 45.7, and TRiM rolls up 4th and 20 by 70.7 pts.
    • Key Observation:  WW pickup of the year:  DCharkJR [until the People’s QB gets picked up]
  • 40+, Part 3:  Actually the only thing 40+ in the HYC/S40FM game was the age of the owners.  HYC win by 18.5.
    • Key Observation:  SF D outscores PMahomes?  What a weird week.
  • Crappie Report: A Team Has No Name pick up this week’s Crappie, with a lowly 71.6 pts.  JTucker leading the scoring for ATHNN?
    • Key Observation:  When is time to pull the plug on the ARodgers experiment?

Key Matchups: Week 6
S40FM v. Straight Cash Homie: The last 2 champs collide!
Cabana Kid v. The Monsoon: Cabana Kid riding 3 gm winning streak.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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