LFFL [2019] – Week 7 Recap: Weird

What a weird week.  Half the league scored under 90 points, and two of those teams won.  Last week’s Crappie winner is this weeks Bullet Train winner.  The NE DEF has scored more points than all but 5 QB’s.  Think about that.  Back to the Bullet train, this weeks it goes to the Cabana Kid, who a week ago seemed hopeless with out Kamara.  How does he do it?  Other notes:

  • Weird, Part 1:  ATHNN gets 47.6 pts from ARodgers and 26 pts from LAR DEF…and loses?  Weird.
    • Key Observation: JAllen for MVP?
  • Weird, Part 2:  The Monsoon get 34 pts from CEdmonds [?]…and loses?  Weird.
    • Key Observation:  LJackson for MVP….but traded for TBrady? Weird.
  • Weird, Part 3:  Straight Cash Homie puts up only 80 pts…and wins?  Weird.
    • Key Observation:  RWilson for MVP? Eh, maybe not.
  • Crappie Report: Mahomies gets the Crappie?  That is just weird period.
    • Key Observation:  When is time to pull the plug on the Williams experiment?

Key Matchups: Week 8
Donnie Barqs v. Cabana Kid: Two streaking teams peaking?
ATHNN v. The Monsoon: Two streaking teams bottoming out?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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