LFFL [2019] – Week ]10 Recap: 2007

Quite the mismatches this week; 5 of the 6 games were decided by more than 29 pts, one game by 70.8 pts, and 2 of the 3 high scores played each other in a barn burner!  I discovered an interesting LFFL stat after looking at the scores this week; H.Y.C. captured their 2nd straight Bullet Train, and A Team Has No Name captured their 2nd straight Crappie.  This has only happened two other times in the history of the league with the same two teams go B2B on Bullet Train/Crappie.  The first time it happened?  Weeks 1 and 2 of the first season of the league, 2007.  The two teams?  B2B Bullet Trains for the Gilbert Dust Devils; B2B Crappies for…Mesa Buzzards Nest.  Weird!  Mesa Buzzards Nest went on to finish 12th that year, Dust Devils 4th.  Other notes:

  • 2007, Part 1:  Boom goes the dynamite [again] for KFC, mauling 4th and 20 by 40.8 pts.
    • Key Observation: The 2007 LFFL champ?  01000010 01000011
  • 2007, Part 2:  The LJackson/CMcCaffrey pairing seems to be working OK for now; SCH by 45.8.
    • Key Observation:  The 2007 Toilet Bowl winner?  Team Sin City [Windy City Gamblers finished 9th that year]
  • 2007, Part 3:  The PMahomes/PIT D pairing seem to be working OK for now; S40FM 59.8 pts.
    • Key Observation:  Finishing 3rd in 2007 and in the $$?  The BULLDOGS.
  • Crappie Report: As mentioned, ATHNN hauls in the Crappie for the second straight week, making that 4 on the year. [The LFFL record is 6 in a season, 2018, Gid’s Kids]
    • Key Observation:  In 2007, winning 4 Bullet Trains, and earning the #1 seed at 10-3 were the Gilbert Dust Devils, but they were bounced in the semi finals.

Key Matchups: Week 11
S40FM v. TRiM: Must win in division play.
Straight Cash Homie v. Cabana Kid: Ditto.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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