LFFL [2019] – Week 11 Recap: Grip time

It’s the final week of the regular season!  For some, the playoffs begin next week; for others, Happy Holidays!  It was quite the scoring week, both high and low. A 77.3-64.2 game? A 79.9-74.8 game?  What is this, 2006?  Riding this week’s Bullet Train for the second time this year is Klaver Football Club, who, YES, shattered the all-time LFFL single game scoring record with 198.9 pts, and YES, set an all-time LFFL scoring victory margin of 107.2 pts, and YES, clinched a playoff spot based on points scored.  But let’s look at the poor coaching here; benching RTannehill [34.9 pts] for CWentz [11.2 pts]??  Could have been a fatal mistake; can’t do that in the playoffs.  KFC now hold the highest [198.9] and lowest [42.4] point total records; neat!  A breakdown of the rest of the field:

  • In:  Straight Cash Homie, based on record; will clinch #1 seed and bye with a win this week.
  • In:  Birthday Meatheads, based on record.  Can clinch #1 seed/bye with a win and SCH loss.
  • In:  Donnie Barqs, based on winning Blue Division Title.  Can clinch #2 seed/bye with a win and losses by KFC and TRiM.
  • In:  TRiM, based on points scored.  Can clinch White division title [and possibly #2 seed/bye] with win and KFC loss
  • 6-6:  The three teams at 6-6 all have a chance; none play each other, so a win by one and losses by the other two clinch for sure.  S40FM leads 4th and 20 by 48.6 pts and HYC by 64.6 pts.
  • 5-7:  Mathematically still alive is the Cabana Kid, who would 1) need to win, 2) need all three 6-6 teams to lose, and 3) need to outscore them all by at least 1 pt.
  • Out:  Teams at 4-8 or worse have been eliminated.
  • Crappie Report: HYC hauls in this week’s Crappie with 64.2 pts.  Not the greatest of timing for that.

Key Matchups: Week 13
The 6-6 teams:  All must win!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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