LFFL [2019] – Week 13 Recap: Night Pains begins

The playoffs are here!  Last year at this time I was talking up A Team Has No Name as they had started 1-6, then rolled off 6 straight and made the playoffs as a 6 seed.  This year, well, not so much.  We have some familiar faces in the field this year; the last two champs, last year’s runner up, a former champ, and some fresh faces.  Birthday Meatheads survive MNF as TLockett gets ZERO points and gets a 2 week break as the #1 seed.  The rest of the field:

  • #2 seed:  Holy bananas!  Barqs goes back and forth with ATHNN on MNF fighting for the #2 seed and gets a late TD and one final catch from ZRudolph to win by 0.6 pts; wow!  Barqs captures his first division title and get to rest for a week.  The decision to trade away LJackson earlier in the year clearly has not changed this team’s road to glory; with Hollywood Brown and BMaher leading the way, Barqs too strong at this point, clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #3 seed:  If we still had trophies to give out, Klaver Football Club would have won one, scoring the most points in the league this year.  They capture the difficult White Division; hats off to the White Division as 3 teams make the playoffs at 7-6.  Last year’s runner up is leaving no questions unanswered this year as they storm to avenge last year’s final loss.  Too many weapons to count out this team, clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #4 seed:  Sliding down to the #4 spot is Straight Cash Homie [who thinks TLockett is a loser].  Scoring the 2nd most pts in the league, this team can erupt at any time with legends like DJMoore and ZGonzalez.  SCH is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #5 seed:  TRiM MyT D’s slots in at #5, the 3rd playoff appearance in franchise history, 1st with this team name.  Seemingly couldn’t get it done with the past franchise names Mike’s Bastards [2007-2012], MaD Bastards Bastards [2013-2015], TRiM Ballers [2016], and TRiM My Bastards [2017-2018], TRiM MyT D’s look to the ride the scoring wave of JDoyle and the CLE D and is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #6 seed:  The defending champ makes a statement, riding the last Bullet Train of the year to playoff glory and has the chance to go back-to-back.  They may want to look at streaming QB’s though as PMahomes has not been cutting it.  Perhaps a re-branding of the team to “The Money Badger” would be more fitting as this team has all the necessary tools and is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • Crappie Report:  Last Crappie of the year goes to the Cabana Kid [see TLockett comments above].  The prestigious CRAPPIE MASTER trophy [if we still had them] which goes to the team with the fewest points in the regular season, coveted by all I’m sure, goes to A Team Has No Name, who collected an 4 crappies this season.  A Toilet Bowl title will erase all those woes.

Playoffs, Round 1:
#6 Scoring 40 for Mahomies v. #3 Klaver Football Club
#5 TRiM MyT D’s v. #4 Straight Cash Homie

Toilet Bowl, Round 1
#11 Gid’s Kids v. #10 The Monsoon 
#12 A Team Has No Name v. #9 Cabana Kid

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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