LFFL [2019] – Playoffs, Rd. 1: KFC, Homie advance

Welcome to Night Pains. The quarter final matchups were both gripping and close to the end!  Straight Cash Homie had to fight off DJ Chark in the afternoon game and hang on to win by 4.4 pts.  Kudos to the CIN Bengals, who trotted out their K with 12 secs to go, which knocked 7 pts off of TRiM’s score.  Ouch.  In the other game, it came down to MNF, and literally the last few minutes as the Wentz/Ertz connection strikes twice to help Klaver Football Club exact revenge from last year’s final.

Playoffs, Round 2:
#4 Straight Cash Homie v. #1 Birthday Meatheads
#3 Klaver Football Club v. #2 Donnie Barqs

Toilet Bowl, Round 2:
#10 The Monsoon v. #7 4th and 20
 #9 Cabana Kid v. #8 H.Y.C.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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