LFFL [2019] – Playoffs, Final Round: The Champ is crowned

We have a brand new first time champ!  Donnie Barqs claims the franchise’s first belt, apparently with no concerns of trading away LJackson during the season, don’t need him!  Hats off to Straight Cash Homie for a great run; they take 2nd.  Cut and pasted from last year:  Birthday Meatheads take 3rd.  The Toilet Bowl goes to The Monsoon.  Final standings with winnings below; we are waiting on 1 owner to pay still [head nod to you Mr. Goosen].  Once all accounts are paid up, I will pay out all LeagueSafe accounts.  Many thanks for the great season; can’t wait to do it all over again next fall!  I am anticipating proposing some drastic rule changes for the next season, it’s time to get rid of those Kickers!

Final Standings w/payouts:

  1. Donnie Barqs, $1,100
  2. Straight Cash Homie, $575
  3. Birthday Meatheads, $375
  4. Klaver Football Club, $150
  5. TRiM My TD’s, $25
  6. Scoring 40 for Mahomies, $50
  7. The Monsoon, $25
  8. H.Y.C., $50
  9. Gid’s Kids
  10. 4th and 20
  11. Cabana Kid, $50
  12. A Team Has No Name

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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